Adoptions and Sponsorship

Several of our rescued horses over the years have been adopted and, with every adoption, equines must be returned to us if the home can no longer keep them for any reason.

Many of the equines who live at BHHR are animals who were adopted and have since come back to us for a variety of reasons. We also have several permanent residents who are given the title “sanctuary animals”.

These are deemed unfit for adoption for various reasons and will live out the remainder of their lives at our facility.

Please consider becoming a full or partial sponsor of one or more of our rescued animals. Each one deserves a quality life and peaceful, dignified end. We hope that through our Sanctuary and Education programs, we can help to instill a sense of responsibility in those who have horses in their care. That is one of the main missions of this organization. We hope you understand the importance of what we do and will support our efforts and visit us soon.