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'We had extensive damage': Texas horse rescue farm hit by storms

Becky's Hope Horse Rescue President Sue Chapman said the farm lost shelters, trees and equipment to severe storms last week. Chapman noted animals dealing with trauma would be provided with therapy sessions.

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Anonymous Tip Leads Police to Shack — With Someone Very Scared Inside

We arrived just in time. Check out this story on 'The Dodo' where we came to rescue of a very scared horse: Click here.

Becky’s Story

We saw Becky for the first time on a hot summer day in 1997. She did not look like a horse, but a walking skeleton with weeping wounds and severe hair loss. The enclosure she was trapped in was full of junk and weeds, not at all suited for the needs of a horse. She had no water or shelter to help her cope with the blistering summer sun. Authorities were immediately contacted and her owner was ordered to provide adequate care for her. Just one day later, she was spotted again, conditions unchanged. We took legal action and won custody of her in just a couple of days.

As soon as we could, we removed her from that desperate situation. Then, the real work began. We promptly transported her to Texas A&M University where she underwent several surgeries to mend her many wounds. Becky was put on a rigorous program for rehabilitation by the veterinarians that she was being treated by. Her recovery was long and arduous. Considerations had to be made for everything from long term wound care to specialized feeding programs to help boost her immune system and speed recovery.

After several months of constant care, Becky made a full recovery. Her name, Becky, is a tribute to the grandmother of one of our co-founders; Hope comes from our belief that we can provide hope for all of the abused and neglected horses that are found globally. Becky passed in July of 2016. She is remembered as the beloved matriarch of the rescue that bears her name and was founded to save her and the as many animals, like her, as possible.

REST IN PEACE SWEET BECKY... In July of 2016 we lost the horse that changed our world. Becky passed, surrounded by people that love her. Her legacy is one few creatures have achieved. She is responsible for saving hundreds of horses. For almost 20 years, Becky's hope was that all horses find safe, loving homes. We will continue to fight in her name.

About Becky’s Hope

Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue (BHHR), a 501(C)(3) non profit charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abused, neglected and abandoned horses and farm animals, was founded in 1997 in Marlin, Texas and is named after our first rescued horse. The rescue relocated to 120 beautiful acres in Frisco, Texas in March 2014. Becky’s Hope is an all-volunteer organization entirely funded by tax-deductible donations and every donation is spent exclusively for the care and maintenance of the animals. We are entirely committed to our goal of giving the animals we love the life they deserve.

Please take a moment to love on those in your life that fill your soul with love and happiness. Speak out for those in need. BE THE CHANGE! Becky lives through all of us.

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Severe Storms Destroy Parts of Becky’s Hope